In this blog, I’ve written all the basic and essential things that you should know about the GoPro Hero Media Mod, and is it worth the buy?

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GoPro Hero Media Mod

With all the amazing accessories that GoPro offers, it’s possible you might still be unfamiliar with some of the good finds that you can use with your GoPro action camera. One interesting and useful item that you might want to take a look at is the GoPro Media Mod. But what is it exactly, and what do you use it for? In this blog, I’ve written all the basic and essential things that you should know about this product. So if you’re just new to GoPro and the Media Mod, then keep on reading!

What is GoPro Media Mod?

GoPro Media Mod
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The GoPro Media Mod was built and designed for creating vlogs and live-streaming. First of all, one of the things about the media mod that confuses people is its appearance. For some, it might seem just like the exterior case of a GoPro camera. The only difference is that it has a microphone in the upper-left corner. So what makes it special? Well, besides the fact that the directional microphone can already be used instead of buying an external microphone, this accessory also extends the other functionalities of your GoPro camera.

If you still want to use an external microphone, the GoPro media mod has a 3-5 mm mic port. That is where you can plug the external mic. It has an HDMI slot that you can use to connect the display to your TV or an external monitor. Moreover, it has 2 cold-shoe mounts, which you can use when attaching an external LCD display, lighting, or external microphone. Lastly, GoPro advertised this product to be long-lasting and resistant to different weathers. That is very important for people who really want to get the best out of their GoPro camera.

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Key Features

GoPro media mod attached to GoPro camera
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Before we get to the details of this interesting GoPro accessory, there’s also one thing about the media mod that many people are clueless about (including me). If you have noticed, the base of the media mod is slightly different compared with the GoPro action cameras. Well, if I found out what is that for, then I’d be glad to share it with you! But so far, here are some of the key features that we know about the GoPro media mod:

  • The built-in directional microphone from this accessory can pick up sounds from the front, back, and sides of the microphone. It was also designed to be battery-efficient so you can still record clips at reasonable length.
  • The microphone was designed to filter and record audio clearly by reducing the wind noises and ambient noises. Which is why you might also consider not buying an external camera if you have the media mod to save money.
  • The exterior cage of the media mod was designed to be more compact to make the camera more portable and expandable without having a hard time mounting other external accessories like lights, microphone, etc.
  • The GoPro media mod is paired most of the time with the GoPro light mod and display mod. Those are 2 different GoPro accessories that you can buy.
  • You can also still use your other preferred or favorite third-party GoPro accessories while having the media mod.
  • The media mod is easy to attach. You just have to pull the side door and insert the media mod clip to the connector.

GoPro Media Mod: Yay or Nay?

GoPro media mod with light mod and display mod
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The GoPro Media Mod is worth $80 and you can get it here. Also, as mentioned earlier, this accessory is being purchased, most of the time, with the GoPro Light Mod and the Display Mod. If you also want to buy those two, you can get the Light Mod for $40 and the Display Mod for $70.

The light mod is actually very useful especially when shooting at a low-light place. Plus, you can say that it produces good quality and amount of light considering its compact size. Also, you can purchase some light color filters for your light mod from third-party brands. As an alternate, you can also use other led lights with the media mod since the cold shoe mount follows the standard size.

For the display mod, it is a front-facing screen that is 2 inches in size that can be flipped up. In terms of its usefulness, some argue that it’s not that necessary for GoPro Hero 9 and 10, since it both has a front-facing display. On the other hand, some say that the display mod gives you a better view of what you are shooting compared with the built-in front-facing display.

So, going back to the media mod, is it worth the buy? Obviously, the media mod is not that worth buying for everyone. Especially for those who just casually using their GoPro. It is definitely useful for some occasions and content creators, but some can also save by just using alternative accessories. So to end this blog, I would say that it’s no surprise that these GoPro accessories are pricey, but are also somehow useful!

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