Besides its very powerful chipset, there are some exciting features that you should know about the GoPro Hero 10 Black. You can find out all about those features in this blog post!

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Exciting Features of the Newest GoPro Hero 10 Black

We all know that the GoPro Hero 10 Black is all about better speed and performance than its predecessor, the GoPro Hero 9 Black. One of the most highlighted upgrades with this camera is the GP2 chip that enables the camera to record a much higher video quality. That means you can have higher resolutions and also a higher framerate when shooting your clip.

However, there are also some exciting features that you don’t want to miss out on once you get this great action camera. Keep reading this blog if you want to find out about those features. This can also guide you on how you can create an awesome and stunning video with your new GoPro Hero 10 Black!

Shooting Resolutions

GoPro Hero 10 Shooting Resolutions
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Let’s get started with the shooting resolutions that you can do with the GoPro Hero 10 Black. Well, this is actually more of a specification rather than a feature. But since you can choose different shooting resolutions and frame rates, I think we can also consider this as a feature. As mentioned earlier, an upgrade in its microprocessor enabled the GoPro Hero 10 to shoot a much higher quality, precisely double the framerates than the Hero 9 Black can.

With Hero 9’s 5K@30FPS, the Hero 10 can shoot up to 60 FPS with that quality, 4K@120 FPS, and so on. But it cannot go further than the 240 FPS on any resolution. Moreover, one of the things that most people do is to take a still shot from their clip. With Hero 10, you can take a still shot with up to 19.6 Megapixels! That is a huge upgrade over the Hero 9, which was about 12-14 Megapixels only.

GoPro Hero 10 Photo Shooting Features

GoPro Hero 10 Photo Features
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Although GoPros are best known for being video cameras, they still make great still cameras as well. One photo shooting feature of GoPro Hero10 is the Burst Mode. With this, you can take photos in a chain with just one click of a button. Since it will be taking chains of shots, you would be capturing fast-action shots for a maximum of 25 photos per second.

Another photo capturing feature is the LiveBurst mode, similarly to the burst mode, it can capture photos in chains but it helps better for a good cinematic shot. In addition, you can also create a video at 12MP. And naturally, there is the night mode which is obviously used for shooting photos during the nighttime.

Using this mode lets more light pass through your action camera. The only downside to this would be that it’s not effective in capturing photos while the camera is moving.

GoPro Hero 10 Video Shooting Features

GoPro Hero 10 Video Features
Image Source: DC Rainmaker

Since GoPros are initially for capturing videos, typically unstable ones, they have a lot of features for video filming. Aside from the default option GoPro Hero 10 has, there is also the Time-lapse feature, which allows you to capture an ultra-smooth time-lapse video despite an unstable and moving film, perfect for anyone filming biking runs or hiking.

The Time-lapse feature also has a Night Lapse option that does the same thing. But it can capture a video in dim-lit or dark areas better. This is achieved through the automatic adjustments on the shutter speed, allowing light to get in more and capture better in the dark. Night lapse is typically only recommended for stable filming and not handheld.

Another video shooting feature is the Cinematic feature that uses the Linear + Horizon Leveling, which is a fantastic lens feature that makes the GoPro videos look and feel more cinematic. They accomplish this by adding a smooth fish-eye effect for your GoPro. Lastly, there is the activity feature that provides a wide-angle perspective using the Superview digital lens.

GoPro Subscription

The GoPro Subscription at includes Unlimited cloud backup, auto uploads, Unlimited use of the Quik app, Up to 50% off at, and even a camera replacement. The GoPro Hero 10 accessory bundle also contains a Magnetic Swivel Clip, Spare battery, a Shorty, 32GB SD card, and Camera case

What’s New?

Because of GoPro Hero 10’s better specs compared to older units, it allows the “high-performance setting” to run smoothly. That can make your footage shot at 5.3K/30, 4K/60, and 2.7K/120 more stable. Aside from that, there is also the amped-up horizon leveling feature. As the name suggests, it lets the GoPro tolerate being tilted in 45-degrees. HERO 9 on the other hand can only tolerate up to 27-degrees max.

There are also some additional features such as auto-upload of video and stills while charging, faster wireless uploads, and a new wired upload function. All of those are not in HERO 9 but they are all only smaller additions.

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