From what it seems, most of the companies on the market designed GoPro Mounts for surfers. Right? If not surfing, they still usually design it for some other extreme sport. And the GoPro Mouth Mount is no exception. A surfer designed it to be used by fellow surfers.

So why did Steve from send me one to review (if you can’t tell, I’m not a surfer)?

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Mouth Mount for Gopro

At the end of the day, you can still use a GoPro Mount for anything and everything. It’s really convenient for family use, and the kids think it’s really cool.

First of all, it comes in all kinds of color combinations, which is a benefit that most GoPro Mounts can’t say for themselves.

You basically choose the colors of the entire thing, in any combination you want.

The contraption itself is pretty simple. It’s basically a snorkel mouthpiece with a GoPro mouth attached to it. It even comes with a float for the back door of the housing (which I didn’t attach because we only used it in the pool, with no risk of it sinking to the bottom of the ocean).

The thing I like best about the Mouth Mount is that it allows you to be hands-free, but with the camera still accessible to check settings and turn it on.

My kids and I give HoStevie’s mouth mount two thumbs up! You can configure the colors on yours and order them at sent me the GoPro Mouth Mount to review. No, that doesn’t affect my opinion of this product. 

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