There are many amazing GoPro editing platforms and it’s hard to just stick to one of those. I have my favorites, sure, but I looked to my community to tell me what the best GoPro software out there was.

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Is there a BEST GoPro Software?

When it comes to the “best” of anything, there are always going to be strong opinions on either side. I have a handy list of GoPro software available, but I set out to uncover what the very best one was. I asked my community “What is the best GoPro software?” and I got tons of responses, and learned about some editing software I hadn’t heard much about yet.

The responses that I got have really surprised me!

What Surprised Me?

The first thing that surprised me was the number of people saying that they are using GoPro Studio. Not only that, they feel it is the best among the rest. Why? Because everyone complains about GoPro Studio! Some people downright despise it and lambaste GoPro for creating such a monstrosity.

However, GoPro Studio is a free piece of software created to make short and fun videos. And for that, it works well (usually, as long as your computer is up to par). Click here to for my GoPro Studio Getting Started Guide.

The second thing that shook me was the number of people using professional video editing platforms–Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro.

There are pros and cons of every piece of software available to edit GoPro videos, and I believe the best thing you can do for yourself is to try them ALL (most are available as a free trial) to make sure they 1) work for you personally and 2) work on your computer.


VIDEO: Best GoPro Software for Editing Videos

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