I thought I’d put together a few posts that deal specifically with GoPro videos. After you have your GoPro videos edited in GoPro Studio, how will you actually get people to easily find and watch them on YouTube? Find out the answer below!

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My Useful Tip!

First, to make your GoPro video watched on YouTube, you want to pay close attention to your title, description, and tags. And of course, you need to make sure your video is set to Public (not Private or Unlisted).

Then, if you’re uploading a GoPro video, make sure you use the word “GoPro” in your title, description, and tags. And include whatever the topic of your video is.

It’s really pretty much that simple, but do check out the video for tons more details, tips, and tricks!

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WATCH: How to Get Your GoPro Videos Watched on YouTube?

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