I am not really an outgoing person and I try not to draw attention to myself in public. So placing a GoPro camera to my head with the Headstrap Mount is totally out of character for me. BUT, to get some really awesome footage, it is sometimes necessary! And yes I feel like a nincompoop when I’m wearing it.

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Wearing My GoPro Head Mount

Last year I swam across Keuka Lake in a fundraising event. It’s not a race! It’s just a .67 mile “fun swim”. I wore my GoPro throughout the whole event, in and out of the water – people gave me some very awkward looks. (The links in this post are affiliate links, and we will be compensated when you make a purchase by clicking our links. Read my disclosure policy here.)

To add to my humiliation, I had to wear my long, thick hair in braided piggy tails because it wouldn’t all stuff into my pink swim cap. So I was going to look like a nincompoop whether I had a camera on my head or not.

I also wore the GoPro head strap mount several times on my family’s Disney Cruise vacation in April 2014. To take a camera on the Aqua Duck Water Coaster, it has to be secured. This is the perfect opportunity to use the head strap mount. I wore it facing front, then rode again facing behind me where my husband was sitting. We even saw another guy with a GoPro on his head (so I’m not the only nincompoop out there!).

And a little less humiliating is wearing the GoPro on the headstrap mount inside… carving pumpkins.

Check out the video to see the GoPro Headstrap Mount in action!

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VIDEO: How to Look Like a Nincompoop in Public

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