Time lapses are great in GoPro videos and family movies! And creating a time lapse in GoPro Studio incredibly easy. Seriously, it’s like magic!

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Time Lapse in GoPro Studio

When you import still images meant for a time-lapse, GoPro Studio reads the timestamp on each photo and knows to group the photos together into one “clip”. Just like a video clip. In addition, if you have a newer GoPro and you shoot in Time Lapse Video mode, your still images are already put together into a video clip.

Moving on, to get started creating the time-lapse video, import your files just like you would any kind of video clip. GoPro studio will group your time-lapses together similar to a video clip. Now you can convert your clips just as I showed you in my post on How to Use GoPro Studio. Then you can choose your Advanced Settings to remove fisheye, set quality, etc.

In the example shown in the tutorial, I created a time-lapse of our trip to Hershey Park.

Also, Be sure to check out the entire tutorial above, or click here to watch it on YouTube.

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