Now that winter is thoroughly, positively DEAD here in Upstate NY, my kids beg to go to the playground every day. Now that my youngest is old enough to climb and play without much spotting, I can take my camera and my GoPro and not have to be on constant alert. So we all get to play!

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Getting New Perspectives With my GoPro at the Playground

Shooting at the playground is fun, and you can get your kids involved too. And editing your home movie with the playground footage is fun and super easy. You could just slap some music on there and you’re good to go!

I have TONS of ideas and angles for GoPro’ing at the playground, but let’s start with some basics.

Kids Hold the Selfie Stick

It’s not hard to slide down a slide holding a selfie stick. Start there. Once your child is at the top of the slide and ready to go, just hand it to them all ready to go.

My oldest daughter wanted to climb the playground holding the selfie stick and GoPro, so I let her try that. What a great angle!

Use Selfie Stick To Avoiding Becoming an Obstacle

With a regular camera (or phone), you have to stand in front of your subject to get a photo like this. With the GoPro on the selfie stick (this is the one I have), you can extend the camera in front of your kids so YOU are not the obstacle. You can get yourself out of the way and still get a great perspective.

Under The Swing

I love this one. LOVE it. To get this shot, you’d have to lay under the swings… which isn’t very smart. Here, I’m sitting in front of my daughter and laid the GoPro on the ground. The wide angle of this shot really enhances this perspective as well.

Below is my complete home movie from one evening at the Keuka Lake State Park Playground using my GoPro.

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VIDEO: Using GoPro at the Playground

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