A GoPro for kids… is there such a thing? There are several reasons why a GoPro camera makes an excellent family camera, but does it make a good kids’ camera?

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GoPro for Kids… or Not?

In this digital age, kids are very familiar with digital cameras, action cameras, and even your phone camera. That’s a lot of pricey gadgets that we trust in our kids’ hands! I have two kids, and I’ve never felt uncomfortable handing one of my GoPro cameras off to one or both of them to let them capture whatever they feel like. The GoPro is easy enough to use and they have fun with it, so why not?

There is no shortage of kids’ cameras and cameras designed specifically for children, but they look more like toys than an actual camera. So at a certain age, I think it’s a fantastic idea to start teaching kids that cameras and tech gear are tools, not toys.

Although I prefer the GoPro cameras when it comes to action cameras, even for my kids to use, GoPro isn’t the only option. In this post, let’s explore the current GoPro models and alternatives that would make a great kids’ camera!

GoPro Cameras for Kids

The rugged nature of GoPro cameras almost begged kids to take it for a spin. Although there is no specific GoPro for kids (yet?), here are 4 reasons why I love letting my kids use my GoPro Cameras.

1. GoPro cameras are waterproof

This is one of the reasons I love a GoPro as a family camera! Water parks, sledding, swimming, baby slobber. Those are some of the wet and wild family adventures that you’d want to capture. And the GoPro is the ideal camera for the job.

Older GoPro models required a waterproof housing like this one (with a microphone attached) but the recent GoPro models don’t need an extra housing.

Older GoPro models came with waterproof housing like the one pictured above (with a microphone attached) but the recent GoPro models don’t need extra housing at all. That makes the most recent Hero model an ideal GoPro for Kids.

2. GoPro cameras are mountable

This is where GoPro cameras excel far beyond what your mobile phone, DSLR, or almost any other camera can do. Because of the size of the GoPro and the endless options for GoPro mounts and accessories, you can mount this camera to literally anything.

Bicycle handlebars, a snowboard, a skateboard helmet, even a baby walker… the perfect kid’s camera!

Because of the “mountability” of the GoPro, you can also rest assured they are also durable.

The rugged go-anywhere nature of the GoPro camera makes it perfect for kids to use! Kids’ hands tend to be clumsy (most of the time!) even if they aren’t using a very expensive camera. But when you add in wet and wild family activities, your child can easily destroy a regular camera.

3. QuikCapture

QuikCapture is a feature on the GoPro that enables you to start recording by pressing one button, which turns the camera on and starts recording all at once.

This is convenient for kids (or anyone!) because you can save your battery life by keeping the camera completely off. Moreover, you won’t miss anything because when you’re ready to hit “record”, you just let it roll!.

The GoPro App, now just called Quik, makes using your GoPro even easier for your older kids who may have a phone or iPad. You can start and stop recording wirelessly, view videos, download photos, trim video clips, and share them via email or social media.

4. GoPro is Small and Light

The size of the GoPro cameras is ideal for small hands, and it’s lightweight, so even little ones won’t have trouble hoisting it around for fun video footage.

I usually have my Hero5 mounted on a GoPole Bobber so it’s easy to handle.

While these 4 reasons prove why the GoPro for kids is a great idea, there are a couple of things to keep in mind before you hand over your GoPro:

  • I love using voice commands on my GoPro, but the voice commands function doesn’t work very well for my kids. It’s like they just don’t annunciate enough or something!
  • The lens cover on the Hero5 and Hero6 Black camera is replaceable for relatively cheap, so don’t worry too much about scratching the lens–it’s just a cover.
  • You might get weird angles if you leave shooting up to your kids, who are amateur filmmakers at best 🙂

Bottom line: your kids will have fun just using the camera. So even if the footage isn’t spectacular (or even usable!), your kids will love the experience of getting to be the camera operator. Let them have some fun with it, you never know how it inspires them in the future.

So, I really don’t think you need to have a “just for kids” toy that takes pictures. With a GoPro, you have a perfectly useful action camera that YOU can use as a family camera. And with proper accessories, can be used by kids to their heart’s content.

Best GoPro for Kids

So which model GoPro cameras are best for a kid’s camera? I recommend Hero 9 or Hero 10 mostly because they have a touch screen on the back and a screen on the front. Plus they have stabilization built-in. Kids and adults alike appreciate being able to clearly see what they are capturing, and the built-in Hypersmooth stabilization is seriously magical for reducing shaky footage.

Cheap GoPro Cameras… what are your options?

I get it… you don’t want to hand your kid a $500 camera, even if it’s as durable as a GoPro. Understood! Some of GoPro’s older model Hero cameras, like the Hero 6, Hero 7, and Hero 8 are still amazing cameras for the price!

The GoPro is one of the most versatile cameras on the market and can go anywhere your child wants to take it. The GoPro is durable (can withstand drops), lightweight (easy to handle), and waterproof!

VIDEO: GoPro Accessories for Newbies

Ok on to the fun part, GoPro accessories and mounts! I do have a post explaining the top 5 accessories every GoPro newbie needs. You can hit play on the video below but I highly recommend you pick up some kind of handle for your kids if they’ll be using the GoPro.

GoPole Bobber –
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3D1sqAL
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(NEW) GoPro Handler with Quick Release Base –
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GoPro 3-Way Grip-Arm-Tripod –
Amazon: https://amzn.to/3AVkW1k
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Walmart: http://bit.ly/2y5yRpd

The head strap mount is also a favorite for kids because it is adjustable. I have no trouble fitting in my youngest daughter’s head when she was 4 years old.

If your kids are the opposite of mine (hehe), they might do rugged outdoorsy stuff like skiing, snowboard, skateboarding, or play organized sports. You might want to grab a GoPro helmet mount to capture their point of view!

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Should you Buy a GoPro for Kids?

Again, my opinion is that a GoPro is a perfect family camera. So instead of forcing a seemingly dumbed-down “toy” version of a kid’s camera, why not teach them how to use a camera properly? Buy a GoPro for your family, and let your kids have a go at it!

It never occurred to me to question whether my GoPro cameras would hold up to any possible destruction at the hands of my kids. When we are out and about as a family, it’s nice to have second and third perspectives.

Personally, these are the best options for an overall action camera, family camera, and kids camera. With a little help from mom and dad for settings changes, it’s simple enough to use, for all ages.

GoPro Camera Alternatives for Kids

I understand not everyone wants to buy into the GoPro brand, and the GoPro cameras can be quite pricey. So when looking for a kids camera, especially a kids action camera (which may get banged up a bit!), there are a few notable alternatives to the GoPro cameras.

AKASO Brave 7 Action Camera

Capture all of your adventures with the newest AKASO Brave 7 action camera! AKASO Brave 7 water-resistant camera does not need a case to be waterproof and can shoot incredible high-definition footage.

AKASO Brave 7 gives four “modes” of shooting: 4K/2.7K video resolution and 20MP photo capture for unrivaled quality filming experience up to 10 meters underwater! You will feel at home with its 1080P FHD Video that guarantees an incredible view of every detail in the frame. For the everyday young explorers, AKASO Brave 7 is one of your best choices for GoPro alternatives.

Some other great choices for kids cameras are DJI Osmo Action Camera and VTech KidiZoom Creator Cam.

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