Are you the type of person who your spouse or mom hates buying gifts for because you already have everything, or they don’t know what you want or need? I want to help them out, so here’s what we’re going to do. You’re going to send them a link to this video, and they can click a link to my Holiday Gift Guide (or just send them to and they’ll find a list of fun GoPro-related gift ideas. Sound good?

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GoPro Accessory Stocking Stuffer

So let’s talk about some fun, quirky GoPro gifts that are affordable, and useful, and stocking stuffable.

Number one… I did a review of this mouth mount a while ago. It is deemed a really useful accessory because even though you may look a little silly, your mouth is actually a pretty secure place to mount a GoPro. Plus, you get that first-person point-of-view video without truly attaching your GoPro to something. You can take it out of your mouth quickly and easily to change settings or check the battery level. I got this from HoStevie at in exchange for my review.

I wish I had one to show you, but these are decals from That is where you can purchase decorative skins for any model GoPro that you own. GoPro skins run around 7 bucks apiece, so you can pick up a couple of skins. Also, they have some Black Friday deals going where you can get one free decal when you buy two. They got skins for all kinds of electronics. They’re really neat.

Spivo Stick Discount!

I did a review of the Spivo Stick a few months ago and you guys… Spivo is having a Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale throughout Black Friday weekend where you can SAVE 33.3% OFF of your Spivo order. PLUS, and this is important, you can still use my coupon code, vidpromom, at check out to save an additional 15%. That’s practically half off! Spivo has other accessories too that you may want to check out for stocking stuffers, but the Spivo Stick is definitely a fun one. And don’t forget to use vidpromom as your coupon code, that way Spivo will send me a little bit of coffee money. 🙂

If you don’t see me again before Thanksgiving, I want you to know that I am thankful for you and the whole GoPro family here on youtube. And don’t forget to share this video and the gift guide with your friends and family. 😉 I will be thankful for that too!

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