I have always had a unique perspective of GoPro as a company and a product because I’m a consumer who is not an extreme sports enthusiast, I work in marketing and social media, I create content as an “influencer” and part of “GoPro Family”.

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What Will Happen to VidProMom?

I love to follow the brand, the business, keep tabs on what they’re up to and I’m a gadget girl–I like this kind of stuff.

But when I started this channel at the beginning of 2015–2 years ago–I never intended to solely focus on GoPro-related videos. My intention from the very beginning was to help regular people like you and me create home movies and family videos that didn’t suck.

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But let’s back up a little.

In the summer of 2013, I started to feel a little antsy. My girls were still little but I felt like all of a sudden time was moving quickly. Too quickly. And I kept thinking what if. What if something happens to me or to them? What are we doing with our lives? How are we documenting our experiences and re-livable moments as a family? Are we even creating experiences and re-livable moments as a family?

If I die right now, what do I even have to show for the life I’ve lived on earth? What will my kids have to remember me by?

So I made a decision, and I remember the exact moment, I made a decision to:
1. Start creating opportunities for experiences for my family.
2) Start documenting those experiences on video and in photos and actually do something with them. Not just let them die on my phone or be lost in the cloud.

And my experiences, yes I mean big stuff like going on vacation but I also mean the little stuff. Going to get a Christmas tree. Playing with toys, birthdays, just life. Stuff that you will one day ache to re-live.

Birth of VidProMom Channel and my GoPro Contents

You may already know the other half of that story about the first time I used my GoPro and edited a video and knew I had to teach others how to do that too. That’s the abbreviated version, but that was the birth of what is now vidpromom.com and the VidProMom YouTube channel.

I just wanted to encourage and inspire people to start living intentionally and having experiences and capturing life’s re-livable moments because when they are gone… they are gone.

It’s not about the camera or the software. I created a ton of videos answering people’s GoPro questions and creating how-to videos because, quite frankly, GoPro wasn’t doing it! It was a matter of keyword research – people were asking questions and no one was really answering them. So I did. It’s content marketing at its finest.

But whether you use a GoPro or an iPhone or a DSLR or a point and shoot or a freaking camcorder, my blog and YouTube channel exist to help you create something awesome out of the memories you’re out there capturing. And GoPro or not, that doesn’t change.

You will see some content here in 2017 that’s completely unrelated to using a GoPro. I have a desire to help moms create really captivating videos with their iPhones for example, and to help dads create fun slideshows that commemorate a birthday or anniversary, and to help just people–you–capture, create, and archive the moments that matter most. It might sound hokey and sentimental but that’s the truth.

Thanks for being here, two years in- I appreciate your likes, your comments, your subscribes, your questions, your encouragement, and your willingness to be a part of this community. See ya in 2017.

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