One of the easiest ways to create awesome GoPro videos is to start with awesome GoPro footage. Shooting video angles with that wide-angle in GoPro makes it pretty easy to grab interesting perspectives. So I put together 3 of my favorite tips for shooting GoPro videos that make my GoPro movies fun to edit.

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Tips for Video Shooting Angles

Eye Level

GoPro Cameras are known as “Point Of View” cameras (POV for short). That’s because they are designed to capture your… point of view. Ta-da!  So if you’re capturing footage of yourself doing something cool, then consider wearing a head strap mount, helmet mount, or handlebar mount. If you’re capturing someone else, like your kids (I do that a lot), then just hold the camera in a place where you’re shooting from their eye level. Basically – so the camera is seeing what they are seeing. Pretty simple right?

Hover Level

You don’t have to have a drone for this – you can just as easily use your arm or a selfie stick. The wide-angle of the GoPro camera is perfect for this. Just hold the camera up above the action, pointing it down. You can see everything that’s going on around you and it’s a really fun perspective.

Play Level

This is one of my favorites, especially with a GoPro. This is where the action is happening. We see this a lot in action sports, where the GoPro gets mounted to a surfboard or skis. But you can do this with any kind of “action”. Get down and dirty and capture the action where it’s happening.

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VIDEO: Best Video Shooting Angles for Killer GoPro Videos

Best Video Shooting Angles for Killer GoPro Videos

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