I know pretty much nothing about actually making movies, let alone captivating movies that tell timeless stories. But I have seen tons of boring GoPro videos and family movies, and I don’t think I need a film degree to decide that they’re boring. There’s a pretty easy fix if you think your own GoPro videos are a bit “snooze-worthy”.

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Prevent Boring GoPro Videos

If you follow the GoPro Awards or follow GoPro on social media, you know they love to feature videos and photos from their fans and camera users. One of the things they look for in videos is a story. They choose videos that tell a captivating story.

You probably don’t need to change much about the way you shoot your videos, but if you’re willing to change things up a bit and make your footage more fun to work with, try these shooting angles that are great for GoPros.

Once you have that awesome footage, and you sit down to edit, stick to my very simple formula for creating a story with your video:

  • We went somewhere
  • We did something
  • It was awesome
  • The end

That may seem a little bit… well… duh, Meredith. But think about it. Who is in your video, where did you go, what did you do there, what are the awesome/fun/scary/sick things you did there (this is where you would use your best footage–the laughs, the screams, the jumps, the falls, the conversations, the food–all depends on the content of your video), and what was the outcome (if this was English class, we’d call this a conclusion).

That’s really all there is to it. You don’t have to go all Steven Spielberg. Keep it simple and let it flow. Make it interesting and fun for your friends and family to watch–that’s the goal.

Prep Sheet

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VIDEO: How to Tell a Story With Your GoPro Videos?

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