Now that the newest model of the most famous action camera brand is out on the market, I summed up all the important things that you should know and consider before buying the GoPro Hero 10 Black!

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GoPro Hero 10 Overview

The GoPro Hero 10 Black is the newest model of the famous brand’s action camera and serves as the successor of the Hero 9 Black. Probably, the most eye-catching upgrade to this model is its new GP2 processor, which makes it the most powerful version of GoPro so far.

GoPro Hero 10 Black
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However, some still some reviews online that say it’s only somehow a minor upgrade from its predecessor like this one. In this blog post, I will summarize all the important features and specs that you need to know so you can see for yourself and decide if it’s worth the buy!

Important Specifications

For the specifications, here are the highlights about this amazing action camera:

  • 23 megapixels for still images
  • Single memory card slot
  • Can shoot upto 5K Resolution @ 60 frames per second
  • Up to 240 FPS shooting with 2704×1520 or 1920×1080 resolution
  • Dual-Display (1 rear and 1 front)
  • Touch-screen rear LCD display

Other than the 2x power from its upgraded processor, another notable specs upgrade is that you can shoot at 5.3K with double the frame rate compared to the Hero9. It also now has a better photo quality at 23MP, improved HyperSmooth 4.0 video stabilization, and enhanced low-light performance.

One of the huge improvements of this GoPro model is the higher available FPS at different resolutions. That makes it easier for you to create and edit slow-motion video without sacrificing too much of the video quality. Speaking of editing, the GoPro Hero 10 also has an improved Quik app that you can use for editing your awesome clips

Key Features

Additional mods for GoPro Hero 10 Black
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  • Digital Image Stabilization
  • WiFi and Bluetooth Supported
  • Waterproof of upto 10m
  • 1720 mAh rechargeable battery capacity via USB type-C
  • No tripod mount and accessory shoe
  • No built-in light/flash
  • Interval Recording
  • Burst Mode (30 photos in 1 second)
  • Creative Effects

For the key features of the new GoPro Hero 10 Black, most of the features available in the Hero9 are also available while some are improved by GoPro. An example of that is the waterproof depth. For the Hero9, the waterproof depth is only around 15-18 feet while the Hero 10 can reach up to 33 feet in depth. Also, it has a much more improved digital image/video stabilization and low-light capabilities.

It is also worth considering that there will be no video output, microphone input, and headphone jack, since there will already be a built-in microphone and speaker for the GoPro Hero 10. For the accessory bundle, it will include magnetic swivel clip, shorty, camera case, 32GB MicroSD camera, and a spare battery.

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Summary and Pricing

For the price of this action camera, there are 2 different purchasing options that you can choose from. First, if you only want the GoPro Hero 10 Black camera, it is available for $550. Another option is that you can purchase it along with the accessory bundle for $660. The bundle includes magnetic swivel clip, shorty, camera case, 32GB MicroSD camera, and a spare battery.

Hero10 Accessories Bundle
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Those prices and bundle mentioned above are based on the official GoPro website. You can also try to check out the GoPro Max Lens Mod for your Hero 10 for a very wide angle shooting. In case you needed the recap or a very brief summary of the whole Hero 10 Overview, here’s a Pros and Cons to guide you easily.


  • Better and improved user interface
  • Doubled processor power
  • More effiecient wire transfer
  • The new lens cover can repel water
  • Higher video framerates
  • Top-of-the-line digital stabilization
  • Higher Frame Rates


  • The sensor is still the same as the Hero 9 despite an improvance in the photo quality
  • Many other action camera brands can compete with the same specs and features for a cheaper price.
  • Even if they improved the low-light capabilities of the Hero 10, there are still other action camera brands that can beat it in terms of quality and at a much cheaper price.
  • 5.3K videos can only be edited smoothly with a powerful devise

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