Like most GoPro Enthusiasts, I am patiently anticipating the official specs of GoPro’s new Hero 5 camera. Which we’ve been expecting to be released at end of 2016. I know I’m ready for a new GoPro! The GoPro alternatives out there come in all different shapes, sizes, specs, and prices. However, how do they stand up to the predicted features of the soon-to-be-released Hero 5? Honestly, I’ve never considered buying a non-GoPro action camera, but these are some of the alternatives that get high ratings among action cam enthusiasts.

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GoPro Alternatives?

You might be interested in what the current GoPro lineup looks like because there are lots of options if you still want to invest in a GoPro brand camera. See this GoPro comparison for details and pricing (including best deals!).

Hopefully, we’ll hear more about the Hero 5 in the next couple of weeks or so. When I know more, I will definitely post whatever details I have on my YouTube channel. Click here to make sure you’re subscribed, or hop onto my email list below and I’ll shoot you an email when I have any official details on GoPro’s new camera and any other exciting tech they may be releasing soon.

In the meantime, we’ve been discussing alternatives to GoPro cameras over in the GoPro Enthusiasts Facebook Group, and comparing them to current GoPro specs and predicted Hero 5 features (based on Mashable’s Hero 5 rumors). After doing some research, here’s this week’s video on what I found for GoPro alternatives. Be sure to check out the full specs on the manufactures’ websites. This post contains affiliate links to GoPro alternatives on Amazon.

Sony HDR-AS50 (HD) and Sony X1000 (4K)

Sony has a great reputation in the electronics industry. Moreover, Sony action cameras are known to produce great-looking, high-quality footage.

Image source:

Image source:

These sony action cameras are a possible alternative to a GoPro. The AS50 and shoots up to 1080 with 60 frames per second, and the X1000 can shoot up to 4K. Among other features, both cameras have SteadyShot™ image stabilization technology, which is something we’re definitely hoping for on the GoPro Hero 5. As far as pricing goes, it’s about the same as a GoPro Hero 4 Black or Silver, depending on the model you buy.

HDR-AS50 Price: $200 for body + waterproof housing (see:

X1000 Price: $398 for body + waterproof housing (see:

AS50 Full Specs:
X1000 Full Specs:

Garmin VIRB® Ultra 30

The newest VIRB shoots up to 4K and has an LCD Touchscreen, image stabilization, and voice control. So you can start and stop recording with voice commands. It also has a built-in GPS, which allows you to do something really cool, like overlay your speed, distance, and elevation directly onto your video. Yikes… the GPS and voice activation features are predicted for the Hero 5, which would both be a welcome addition to the already-stellar GoPro specs. But the VIRB here is certainly a worthy alternative to any GoPro.

Images source:

Price: $499 (

YI 4K Action Camera

Made by a Chinese tech company, Xiaomi, the Yi Action Camera looks a lot like a GoPro, but nearly half the price. It records up to 4K, has image stabilization, offers a battery life of 2 hours, and has a built-in touch screen display for previewing your shot and changing settings. See the complete rundown of specs compared to the GoPro Hero 4 Black edition on Yi’s website:

Images source:

Here’s hoping the Hero 5 will be able to compete with some of these things, like battery life and image stabilization…

Yi 4K Price: $275 with waterproof housing (

Polaroid Cube+

This is a cute little camera that looks a lot like GoPro’s Hero Session camera, or the Session looks like the Cube. In addition, it shoots up to 1440p. It does have image stabilization, but it’s not waterproof, so you’d have to buy an extra case for it. If what you’re looking for is a small, cute camera, the Polaroid Cube+ might be for you. However, it doesn’t fully compare to the GoPro when it comes to the specs.

Price: $149 (

GoPro is by far the leader when it comes to popularity and brand recognition, but these GoPro alternatives offer some great innovations that make the Hero 4 look less than “the best”. But one thing I didn’t compare here is actual image quality, which is one of the things that tends to place GoPro in a class of their own. Since I don’t own any of these alternatives to GoPro, I can’t compare image quality, but I’m certainly open to it if I had an action camera to compare my GoPro with.

What do you think? Do these cameras offer an image quality that rivals GoPro? Will Hero 5 live up to the rumors? Will GoPro’s new camera exceed our expectations? Leave a comment below and let’s hear what you think.

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VIDEO: 5 GoPro Alternatives and Hero5 Rumors!

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