GoPro’s waterproof housing is pretty darn near indestructible, isn’t it? Not completely, but almost. And yet, removing a major part of the housing, which is the latch of your GoPro, is actually pretty simple and easy to replace.

You might want to replace the latch in the GoPro housing if your original one is broken or missing. Also, if you want a sturdier, aluminum version. It’s possible you just want to put a pretty colored latch on your GoPro or maybe you need to color-code them to keep things straight. Either way, the Sametop aluminum latch is an easy part to replace, and here, I’ll show you how.

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Replacing Housing Latch of Your GoPro

This latch on the housing for GoPro Hero 4 and Hero 3+.

Sametop Housing Latch

It was pleasantly surprising for me to find out how easy it was to replace this latch. The original latch came off easy (which is kinda unnerving, actually) and the Sametop aluminum replacement latch just needed to be adjusted with the needle-nose pliers to fit in easily. You may need the pliers to put it on if you have big fingers. It’s very sturdy, and it feels robust and well-made.

You can get a Sametop on Amazon in some cool colors, but mine is silver.

Reasons to replace your Housing Latch

  • Your original latch is broken
  • Your original latch is lost
  • You want your housing to have a pretty color
  • To keep multiple housings distinguished from each other
  • To keep your GoPro & housing identifiable among friends’ GoPros


Please remember this latch is THE THING that seals your GoPro housing, keeping it watertight. I advise you to test your housing after you install the latch to ensure that it forms a complete seal on the housing. I wouldn’t recommend switching out your latches just for giggles. It’s not jewelry! It’s an important component of the housing of your GoPro.

Sametop sent me this aluminum housing latch, free of charge. This post may contain affiliate links. This does not affect my opinion of the product.

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VIDEO: GoPro Latch Replacement

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