Have you ever wondered how to get the perfect “half underwater” shot with your GoPro camera? The answer is a GoPro dome port! In this blog, I’ll show you the best GoPro Dome Port that is available on the market!

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Best GoPro Dome Ports

The dome port is a large (usually 6″), dome-shaped lens cover that covers your GoPro’s lens, allowing a perfect over/under split shot. It makes for a really unique photo or video!

There are lots of dome port options on the market, but some are made by more reputable brands than others. I tend not to “cheap out” on GoPro accessories and instead buy from trusted brands, if not from GoPro themselves.

GoPro makes a lot of good quality accessories, but unfortunately, they don’t make their own brand. Here are the top-rated brands for GoPro dome ports, based on my own experience, as well as online reviews.

PolarPro FiftyFifty (for Hero5 Black)

This is the one that I own for my Hero5 Black, and PolarPro graciously provided me with. I’ve used it in the pool with my kids, and it’s very easy to assemble. I had no problems with leakage at all. In fact, the kids love to use it! It comes with a cover to protect it while it’s not in use, and I pack and carry it right in the original packaging. It doesn’t really fit well into my GoPro Seeker or Tenba 14L, and since it’s glass, I don’t want to just toss it in the beach bag.

I think the best feature of PolarPro’s dome port is that it’s easy to assemble. You don’t have to remove the Hero5 Lens cover, and you don’t need additional waterproof housing. You literally just pop the Hero5 Lens cover into the opening on the back of the dome, secure it, and you’re good to go.

The PolarPro FiftyFifty comes with the dome port itself, a floating grip, a protective cover, a wrist lanyard, and there was also some an anti-water drop wipe in the box too. I haven’t used the wipe, so I’m curious to see how that turns out. That is because my footage definitely has waterdrops–though nowhere NEAR as annoying as water drops without the dome.

The PolarPro runs around $50 and works with the Hero5 Black. It’s available online via polarprofilters.com, Best Buy, or amazon.com. You can also check availability at a store near you. They do ship internationally!

I will post a full review on my YouTube channel in the coming months, so you can see it in action. Until then, check out these cool shots I got with this dome port!

GoPole Dome H4 (for Hero4 and Hero3+) and Dome H5 (for Hero5 Black)

GoPole makes two dome ports: the Dome H4 is compatible with the Hero4 Black & Silver and the Hero3/3+, while the Dome H5 is compatible with the Hero5 Black. Included with each model is the dome itself, a thumbscrew, waterproof housing, and soft travel back. Not included is any kind of handgrip, but it’s compatible with the GoPole Bobber or any other GoPro-compatible handgrip.

GoPole Dome Port from gopole.com

I think this is a fairly new product for GoPole, so I’m not sure how the user’s feedback has been. GoPole has a good reputation though and is one of my favorite GoPro accessory brands. You can pick up the H4 Dome on Amazon for $60 and the H5 Dome on Amazon for $65.

SHOOT (for Hero 3+/4 and Hero 5)

The SHOOT dome port (for Hero5) on Amazon has a 4-star rating and from what I have read, is a quality product coming in at around $66. The upgrade version comes with a lens hood to reduce lens flare, and also comes with a handle and a soft bag. There is also a Hero 3+/4 version on Amazon for $60.

SHOOT Dome Port from Amazon.com

Knekt (for Hero 3+/4 and Hero 5)

The Knekt brand dome ports are a little different and are compatible with some neat accessories as well. The KSD6ss is compatible with the Hero5 and runs about $230 on amazon.com, while the KSD6 is compatible with the 3+/4 and also runs about $230. I have heard great things about the Knekt dome port, but I’ve never used one by Knekt, so I’m really not sure why it costs so much more than other domes made by reputable brands!

KSD6SS Dome Port from Knekt

DIY GoPro Dome Port Alternative

A common and quick DIY dome port can be created when you use the clear plastic packaging from when you purchased your GoPro! Check out this tutorial from instructibles.com for a quick GoPro dome port DIY project!

DIY GoPro Dome Housing by CJR2000 on instructables.com

Have you used a GoPro dome port? Let me know in the comments what brand it is and how it’s been working for you… help me keep this post up to date by posting a review of your dome port in the comments!

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