Looking for advice on which memory card for GoPro cameras work best? Whether you’re an owner of the GoPro Hero 9, Hero 8, or Hero 7 and earlier, confusion over which GoPro SD card you should buy is totally normal. If you’re a GoPro newbie or GoPro enthusiast looking for help with your memory cards, this post is for you! You’ll find direct links to GoPro’s recommended cards and buying advice from fellow GoPro enthusiasts.

GoPro Memory Card example (SanDisk Extreme)
One of the most popular SD cards for GoPro is the SanDisk Extreme.

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What SD card do I need for a GoPro?

If you are completely new to GoPro memory cards, you need to know a couple things before you buy one. Even if you’re not new, it’s good to know what to look for in SD cards for GoPro because not all memory cards are compatible with your GoPro. So let’s sort it all out!

I’ll get straight to the point if you’re not interested in learning more about SD cards for your GoPro…

The official word from GoPro on the correct memory cards for their cameras is not always clear, and varies from model to model. Different SD cards work with different models of the Hero and MAX cameras.

However, these are the brands that GoPro has recommended time and time again. The following SD cards are recommended by GoPro for nearly all GoPro Hero and MAX models, so you can’t go wrong with these ones!

Do not buy the SanDisk Ultra to use with your GoPro camera. It’s not the same thing, and it will likely result in recording issues!

We’ve done our best to provide accurate information here in this post, but sometimes things change. For all recommendations here on this page, check with gopro.com’s list of recommended cards to ensure compatibility.

What is the best micro SD card for GoPro?

Personally, I have had excellent luck with SanDisk Extreme, as well as the Lexar 1000x. Both cards have worked fine with my usual shooting settings, which are typically 1080 30 FPS or 60 frames per second.

I asked the friendly folks in my GoPro Enthusiasts Facebook Group what cards they are using and having success with, and the SanDisk Extreme, Lexar 1000x, and Samsung Evo cards are the answers that popped up the most.

Before Shopping for a GoPro Memory Card

When shopping in a store, you will often see memory cards’ packaging with a camera, phone, or HD symbol on it, giving you a clue that the card you’re looking at is compatible with those kinds of devices.

It may even say that it’s compatible with action cameras like a GoPro. This is helpful, but it may not be accurate as there is no way to know when the card was produced and whether it’s compatible with newer GoPro cameras.

SD Card vs Micro SD Card

Another important thing to consider with GoPro Memory cards is the size of the card itself. All GoPro cameras require a Micro SD card, not a standard SD card. The micro SD card is about the size of the fingernail on your pinky finger (really!), so make sure you look for the right one.

SD Card Speed for GoPro Memory Cards

There are a lot of acronyms and numbers flying around when you start looking at GoPro memory cards, and they make very little sense at first. There are speed classes, Ultra High-Speed classes, HDHC, HDXC, read speed, write speed, UHS-I (or U1) and UHS-II, capacity, and brand names. YIKES!

If you are confused, don’t worry… Let’s break down what you need to know about memory cards for your GoPro camera.

MicroSD Cards for GoPro Cameras.

All GoPro cameras need a minimum Speed Class of 10. That’s the 10 with a little C that looks like a circle around it.

You should also see a U with a number in it as well, and it will probably be a 1 or a 3.

If you happen to have a U on your card, but no 10 with a circle C around it, it is likely that the card still meets the minimum requirements for GoPro, but check compatibility using the lists for GoPro models below. U1 also means the card’s minimum speed is 10 Megabytes/second, where the U3 has a minimum speed of 30MB per second.

The speed I’m referring to is the write speed of the memory card. It’s easy to imagine that recording digital video is instantaneous… and it’s really, really fast, but it’s not instantaneous. GoPros are finicky when it comes to memory card speed because the camera is capturing high-definition video, possibly at very high frame rates, so it needs a memory card that can literally keep up with itself, and with how fast the camera is taking in and saving data.

You may have a card that also tells you the maximum read speed. The read speed is essentially how fast you can transfer your files onto your computer. It’s ok if your card doesn’t say what the read speed is–for compatibility with your GoPro, the write speed is what is important.

What If you use a memory card that’s not compatible with your GoPro?

It’s possible that your camera works fine with “unapproved” memory cards. But if you’re GoPro refuses to record, records for a few seconds, and then stops, or produces footage with dropped frames, it may be due to a memory card that is not compatible with your GoPro. Unfortunately, you may not realize until after the fact that your card is not compatible.

It is amazing how such a tiny little thing can cause a bunch of problems, isn’t it? The topic of memory cards for GoPro cameras comes up a TON in my GoPro Enthusiasts Facebook group, and in my inbox. On this page, you’ll find a list of compatible SD cards for GoPro models with direct links to purchase them!

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Hero 9 Black Memory Cards

The following SD cards are recommended by GoPro for the Hero9 Black, according to gopro.com. These memory cards can be used with the Hero 9 Black:

Hero 8 Black Memory Cards

Card NameCapacityHERO8 BlackMAX
SanDisk Extreme (UHS-1 U3 / V30) A132GBYY
SanDisk Extreme (UHS-1 U3 / V30) A264GBYY
SanDisk Extreme (UHS-1 U3 / V30) A2128GBYY
SanDisk Extreme (UHS-1 U3 / V30) A2256GBYY
SanDisk Extreme PLUS (UHS-1 U3 / V30) A132GBYY
SanDisk Extreme PLUS (UHS-1 U3 / V30) A264GBYY
SanDisk Extreme PLUS (UHS-1 U3 / V30) A2128GBYY
SanDisk Extreme PLUS (UHS-1 U3 / V30) A2256GBYY
SanDisk Extreme PRO (UHS-1 U3 / V30) A132GBYY
SanDisk Extreme PRO (UHS-1 U3 / V30) A264GBYY
SanDisk Extreme PRO (UHS-1 U3 / V30) A2128GBYY
SanDisk Extreme PRO (UHS-1 U3 / V30) A2256GBYY
SanDisk microSDXC Card for Nintendo Switch UHS-164GBYY
SanDisk microSDXC Card for Nintendo Switch UHS-1128GBYY
SanDisk Pixtor (UHS-1 U3)32GBYY
SanDisk Pixtor (UHS-1 U3 / V30) A164GBYY
Lexar 1000x UHS-II Class 1064GBYY
Lexar 1000x UHS-II Class 10128GBYY
Lexar 1000x UHS-II Class 10256GBYY
Lexar 667x UHS-III V30128GBYY
Lexar 667x UHS-III V30256GBYY
Lexar 1800x UHS-III V9064GBYY
Lexar 1800x UHS-III V90128GBYY
Lexar 667xVIDEO (UHS-I V30)64GBYY
Lexar 667xVIDEO (UHS-I V30)128GBYY
PNY Elite-X (UHS-I U3)32GBYY
PNY Elite-X (UHS-I U3)64GBYY
PNY Elite-X (UHS-I U3 / V30) A1128GBYY
PNY Elite-X (UHS-I U3 / V30) A1256GBYY
PNY PRO Elite (UHS-1 U3)64GBYY
PNY PRO Elite (UHS-1 U3)128GBYY
PNY PRO Elite (UHS-1 U3)256GBYY
Samsung Evo Select (UHS-1 U3)128GBYY
Samsung Evo Select (UHS-1 U3)256GBYY
Samsung Evo Plus (UHS-1 U3)128GBYY
Samsung Evo Plus (UHS-1 U3)256GBYY
Sony SR-UZA series (UHS-1 Class 10 U3)64GBYY
Sony SR-UZA series (UHS-1 Class 10 U3)128GBYY

Hero MAX Memory Cards

Hero 7 Memory Cards

Card NameCapacityHero7 BlackHero7 SilverHero7 White
SanDisk Extreme64GBYesYesYes
SanDisk Extreme32GBYesYesYes
SanDisk Extreme Plus64GBYesYesYes
SanDisk Extreme Pro64GBYesYesYes
SanDisk Pixtor Advanced64GBYesYesYes
Card NameModel #HERO8 BlackMAX
SanDisk Extreme (UHS-1 U3 / V30) A1 32GBSDSQXVF-32G-AN6MAYY
SanDisk Extreme (UHS-1 U3 / V30) A2 64GBSDDQXA2-064G-AN6MAYY
SanDisk Extreme (UHS-1 U3 / V30) A2 128GBSDSQXA1-128G-GN6MAYY
SanDisk Extreme (UHS-1 U3 / V30) A2 256GBSDSQXA1-256-GN6MAYY
SanDisk Extreme PLUS (UHS-1 U3 / V30) A1 32GBSDSQXWG-032G-ANCMAYY
SanDisk Extreme PLUS (UHS-1 U3 / V30) A2 64GBSDSQXWG-064G-ANCMAYY
SanDisk Extreme PLUS (UHS-1 U3 / V30) A2 128GBSDSQXBZ-128G-GN6MAYY
SanDisk Extreme PLUS (UHS-1 U3 / V30) A2 256GBSDSQXBZ-256G-GNGMAYY
SanDisk Extreme PRO (UHS-1 U3 / V30) A1 32GBSDSQXCG-032G-GN6MAYY
SanDisk Extreme PRO (UHS-1 U3 / V30) A2 64GBSDSQXPJ-064G-ANCM3YY
SanDisk Extreme PRO (UHS-1 U3 / V30) A2 128GBSDSQXCY-128G-GN6MAYY
SanDisk Extreme PRO (UHS-1 U3 / V30) A2 256GBSDQXCZ-256G-GN6MAYY
SanDisk microSDXC Card for Nintendo Switch UHS-1 64GBSDQXBO-64G-ANCZAYY
SanDisk microSDXC Card for Nintendo Switch UHS-1 128GBSDQXBO-128G-ANCZAYY
SanDisk Pixtor (UHS-1 U3) 32GBSDSQXSG-032G-ABCCAYY
SanDisk Pixtor (UHS-1 U3 / V30) A1 64GBSDSQXWG-064G-ABCCAYY
Lexar 1000x UHS-II Class 10 64GBLSDMI064CBNL1000R or LSDMI64GCBNA1000AYY
Lexar 1000x UHS-II Class 10 128GBLSDMI128CBNL1000R or
Lexar 1000x UHS-II Class 10 256GBLSDMI256CBNL1000R or LSDMI256CBNA1000AYY
Lexar 667x UHS-III V30 128GBLSDMI128BNA667AYY
Lexar 667x UHS-III V30 256GBLSDMI256BNA667AYY
Lexar 1800x UHS-III V90 64GBLSDMI64GCBNA1800AYY
Lexar 1800x UHS-III V90 128GBLSDMI128CBNA1800AYY
Lexar 667xVIDEO (UHS-I V30) 128GBLSDMI128GVBNA667AYY
PNY Elite-X (UHS-I U3 / V30) A1 128GBP-SDU128U3WX-GEYY
PNY Elite-X (UHS-I U3 / V30) A1 256GBP-SDU256U3100EX-GEYY
Samsung Evo Select (UHS-1 U3) 128GBMB-ME128GA/AMYY
Samsung Evo Select (UHS-1 U3) 256GBMB-ME256GA/AMYY
Samsung Evo Plus (UHS-1 U3) 128GBMB-MC128GA/AMYY
Samsung Evo Plus (UHS-1 U3) 256GBMB-MC256GA/AMYY
Sony SR-UZA series (UHS-1 Class 10 U3) 64GBSR-64UZA/TYY
Sony SR-UZA series (UHS-1 Class 10 U3) 128GBSR-128UZA/TYY

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