Frames Per Second. This is something you need to take note of with any kind of video shooting. Also, it applies to GoPro too. GoPro does a lot of things on “auto” for you like aperture and ISO but FPS is something you’ll need to know about with your GoPro.

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Frames Per Second on GoPro

Honestly–I’m not that great at explaining what is FPS on GoPro, but you can watch my video about it. 🙂 Also, since I did a little lesson on how to make your GoPro videos sick with Slow Motion last week, I thought I should mention something about frames per second when you’re recording.

Here’s the gist: If you’re going to want to do slow motion in your edits, you should record at 60 fps or higher.  That will make your slowed-down clips look nice and smooth, and not jaggy…

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VIDEO: What is Frames Per Second (FPS) on GoPro?

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