Do you know what’s really annoying? Water spots on your GoPro footage. One of the best workarounds for this is applying Rain-X on GoPro’s waterproof housing. This camera was MADE for action and comes with a waterproof case, but the fantastic folks at GoPro haven’t yet figured out a way to defy the nature of water (Get on that, would-ya GoPro?). The solution? Rain-X.

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Rain-X on GoPro

Now, this is a first for me, I’d never put rain-x on my GoPro case before, and I wasn’t sure whether it would really work. (Spoiler, it does work).

How To Apply Rain-X on GoPro Waterproof Housing

I got the small 3.5oz bottle at a local auto parts store for around $5. Don’t get the spray, and don’t worry about getting an economy size (you probably won’t need it). Grab it on amazon real quick.

Basically, just follow the directions on the back of the Rain-X bottle… it’s pretty easy. There are varying opinions on exactly how to apply, but the great thing is you can test it out right away.

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The first time I did it (not shown in the video), I wiped on the Rain-X, and kinda buffed it dry. I put my GoPro in the bowl of water and… there were still some small drops.

So I dried it off, read the directions, and applied the Rain-X again. This time I waited a few minutes until I could see the “film” as mentioned in the video and in the Rain-X instructions. Then I buffed it off with a clean dry paper towel.

After that, it worked as expected. You may find very small droplets of water even after using Rain-X. What I noticed, though, is those small droplets are far better for your footage than large droplets. 🙂 In fact, even when you see small droplets while you’re shooting, you may find that when you review your footage, they are not even noticeable.

So does it work? Well here’s what it looked like at the end of a big waterslide where we got splashed QUITE a bit:

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VIDEO: Rain X on Your GoPro Case – How and Why?

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