Last summer, I learned that a friend of mine who owned a GoPro and an iPhone had no idea that the GoPro App existed. GoPro also makes an app for Windows and Android devices, but being the Apple fan gal that I am, I have the iPhone version.

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GoPro iPhone App

You can download the GoPro app completely free, and if you have a GoPro with wifi capability it is an absolute MUST HAVE! It is also very handy if you are just getting started with using GoPro.

All of the GoPro camera’s settings are incredibly easy to figure out on the app vs. the tiny GoPro screen. So changing your resolution, frame rate, and all that stuff is super easy when you’re trying to get the feel of what all the settings are and what they do.

Remember my post about my GoPro flying off my car? Had I not had the wifi on and the app connected, I would never have found my GoPro in the ditch… and you wouldn’t be reading this blog.

PLUS… you can use the app as a viewfinder. It is another feature that’s a must-have when you’re just learning. That wide-angle lens takes some getting used to. Having this app makes you more acquainted quickly.

Now – I don’t use the GoPro app all the time. When I’m shooting something action-oriented with the kids, I turn on the GoPro and go. I know I have my camera set to default to shoot video at 1080/30 frames per second so I’m cool with just letting ‘er rip. If I’m trying to capture something in particular, or when I really care to get the best

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