I had the opportunity to test out the SANDMARC Armor Bag over the last several months. It’s a really handy GoPro accessory bag that would come in handy for just about any GoPro user. Let’s check it out!

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SandMarc sent me this bag to review and I’ve been using it quite a bit in the last few months for various things – vacation, every-day GoPro’ing, and keeping my GoPro “stuff” handy with me in my camera bag (which doubles as my purse).

It closes with velcro, and then you can roll it out and stick all your accessories and mounts in the little pockets and elastic bands that hold them in place. There are 3 pockets for your GoPros (or housings), plus a place to put your selfie stick. I even have my wristband and mini tripod in there as well!

You can roll enough GoPro stuff in there for a day trip, and either carry it on its own (it comes with a shoulder strap) or put it in your backpack or camera bag. It’s great for keeping all the little stuff together (and organized) rather than all over the inside of your bag (not that I know anyone with that problem). 😉

Perhaps one of the best features is that it is so flexible. It is lined with pockets of various sizes, as well as attached elastic bands. So anything that you can cram in there is good to go (and going to stay put!).

I get a LOT of questions from folks wondering what to buy – cameras, accessories, mounts, bags, etc. I hesitate to recommend things that I’ve never used before. So I’m happy to be able to recommend the SandMarc Armor Bag to all my fabulous readers (and watchers and even the lurkers)!

SANDMARC provided me with this product in exchange for an honest review.

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VIDEO: SandMarc Armor Bag Review

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